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When you become an owner, it is not to wind up with undesirable roommates, who rob the pantry through the night and give us chills when encountered.

In just about all instances of rat intrusion, it’s the existence of damaged old sewage pipes that are involved.

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Mice and rats eat our meals and those of our pets. They leave feces and urine everywhere. They feel at home, even if they don’t contribute at all to mortgage payments. The way to avoid this cohabitation that may become a nightmare?

In the context of a real estate transaction, the selling owner has every interest in announcing the existence of rodents in the home, whether the invasion is recent or several years old. Admitting the issue, it will no longer be a hidden vice.

InterNACHI SOB urges a vendor must declare whether there is or continues to be an insect or pest and if he’s employed a professional exterminator.

Some sellers will report that the seasonal presence of several ants. Others will go as far as to silence an issue of rats, not to repel potential buyers. No matter the information provided by the sellers, the pre-purchase inspector should always search for entrance doors for unwanted animals and signs of the activity inside.


Mice leave black feces in the kind of rice grains under sinks, behind the stove and fridge or in the pantry. They sneak through the tiniest holes in cabinets and walls, using the pathway of the plumbingĀ or HVAC systems to go from one floor to another. The oil of the coat can blacken the areas they frequent assiduously.

These tiny rodents are searching for foods that are readily accessible. In the fall, they’re also looking to get into warm up.

There’s absolutely not any point in closing holes in the home, says Yves Surprenant, pest and fumigation specialist. Closing the openings out is the most crucial step to solve the issue in a definitive way, he says.

Mice can quickly climb several floors of plaster or brick. They circulate readily on electrical wires. Then we must search for openings in height.

“The mice go through holes as small as 10 cents. If the head moves, the remainder goes”, officialpestpros.com indicates.

Where are the mice coming out of?

Holes in the masonry
Openings beneath the balconies
Chantepleures without cable
Empty along plumbing (gas, electricity, ventilation or other)
Interstices in the junction of roof and wall


The rats gnaw in the materials, shout, eat the food and leave black feces of the extent of a puffed rice cereal. They are busy especially at night, however, don’t have any difficulty walking in daylight.

In just about all instances of rat intrusion, it’s the existence of damaged old sewage pipes that are involved. The rats reside in the sewers. If by the opportunity of the walks, they find a behavior that contributes to food and heat, they venture there.

Yes, rats can enter through a bathroom!

” It happens. The pipe between the house and the sewer main is dry most of the time. If there’s absolutely no check valve, the rat could pass,” Says Jesse with Home Inspectors Minneapolis.

These four-legged visitors often appear because of road trenching or replacing old pipes inside. They enter through an outdated pipe that’s been left in place without being obstructed. This gateway can be recognized by means of a smoke test.

Rats may also come from basements of neighboring properties. If you plug in the holes that permit you to go from one cellar to another, the rats will grind the substances to attempt and return. No one wants to buy a property knowing that he might need to encourage his prospective neighbors to tackle an extermination procedure.

If the indications found during the inspection run counter to the sellers’ reassuring words, then seek the help of an exterminator.

Don’t allow rodents to contaminate your supplies, your possessions and mess up your property. Contact an expert that can asses the situation.

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