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Roof Inspection Overview

Roof Inspection Overview

Home inspectors help protect homeowners when they are buying a home, ensuring that everything is safe and to code. This is important information because this could cost you a fortune down the road. One area of concern for homebuyers is the roof. This can be a very expensive investment and you want to be sure that you plan for it properly. You have enough surprises as homeowners; this massive expense shouldn’t be one of them. Here is a look at how a home inspector will inspect a roof so that you know what to expect.

The inspection process takes place on the ground level. The inspector will take a close look at areas like the gutters, downspouts, eaves, vents, roof-covering materials, and various other roof-related items that can be seen from the ground. They will look at the general structure of the roof that can be easily accessed to get a closer look at it and any issues that it may have. After this initial look, they will then describe the type of materials used to cover the roof. “If the inspector notices anything that needs to be fixed, it should be mentioned in the report that they compile. These are all of the things that inspectors are required report on”, says Andrew with Roof Solutions in Pittsburgh.

Inspectors are not required by law to walk on the roof to inspect it. If there are any areas that they deem unsafe to walk on or if they believe that doing so will cause damage, they won’t walk around. They are also not required to inspect any underground downspout diverter drain pipes. If there is any ice, snow, or other debris that is covering the roof that may block the inspector from thoroughly inspecting the roof, they are not required to remove it so that they can get a closer look. As far as the insulation goes, the inspector isn’t required to move it or confirm that it is properly installed or fastened. They do not have to perform a water test nor do they have to inspect other attachments such as any de-icing equipment. Lastly, they do not have to certify or warrant the roof. The inspector is there to give a report on the basic condition of the roof based on the laws that they are required to follow in this industry.

If you want extra peace of mind, you can find an inspection company that will go above and beyond just what is required of them. Our company is a Certified InterNACHI Inspector, which has mastered the Standards of Practice on inspections. While we understand that we are not required to walk on roofs, our inspection company makes an effort to walk on every roof that we can up to a 6/12 pitch. This allows us to get a more accurate picture of the condition a roof is in to give you the best information before you buy a home. This is a very stressful time for you, making it even more important that you have all of the information that you need to make an informed decision.

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